For Finlay (For You, #1) by J. Nathan – Review by Jenni Bishop

For Finlay (For You, #1)For Finlay by J. Nathan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After putting of going to University for two years, Finlay Thatcher is finally attending the University of Alabama. For two years Finlay Thatcher is trying to move on with her life after losing her best friend, her other half, her brother, her twin, Cole. Cole had been her life but that life was sadly taken away from her. Cole was becoming the one thing he always wanted to be, a quarterback in football and he was damn good but Finlay was pushing him away because his fame was too much for her, now he had been taken away, when she had treated him so badly, and now she would never have the chance to make amends for her actions.

Now Finlay is a water girl for the football team and has to face Caden Brooks. A man she has hated for two years. A man who has taken the place on the football team that should have been her brothers. A man she knows she should stay away from but the more they are together the more she can’t find the reasons she once had to hate him.

Caden Brooks is the quarterback and feels himself drawn to Finlay. A girl he should not have feelings for. A girl who is not only beautiful but is sassy and smart. Caden Brooks hates his father and wants nothing to do with him for cheating and walking out on his mother. But is Caden in trouble of doing what his father once did? Will Finlay be able to forgive herself and move on to be alive again?

This is a sweet story of two people overcoming their past. I was in tears and felt for Finlay a girl who had lost so much and was trying to find her way back. If it makes me emotional it is a good story.

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