Make Me Yours by Charity Ferrell – Review by Shannon Fowler

Make Me YoursMake Me Yours by Charity Ferrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great story by Charity Ferrell. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!! Make Me Yours which is know known as Just Her Bodyguard,  is about movie and TV actress, Stella Mendes and Hudson Barnes, who is a marine, recently home from another deployment.
Stella is a child actress all grown up and trying to make a break into the movie business. She learns who she can trust and who she would like to throat punch. Oh wait maybe that publicist is someone I want to throat punch! Either way Stella learns a few things about the business. One thing is for sure, Stella likes to feel safe and protected. Therefore she has had a bodyguard, Dallas. But Dallas is married and with a sick wife. When Dallas needs a family favor it’s Hudson to the rescue, not that Dallas actually gave him a choice but that’s what families do for each other.
Being a bodyguard to a “princess” is the last thing Hudson wants to do. But with his current relationship hitting the rocks and Dallas’ wife’s health condition, Hudson needs some time away. What he doesn’t expect is Stella actually being someone he could talk to, even become friends , or is it possible, to even love?
Being in Hollywood causes many different feelings and situations to arise. However, not everything is as it seems. Can these two have the kind of love everyone dreams of? Where distance doesn’t matter, jobs don’t matter. Just being together, working things out as they come your way.

“I’ve come to realize that you can make a home anywhere when you’re with the one you love.”

This story was fun to read, except for the heart wrenching parts! I recommend this story and look forward to what’s next with Ferrell!

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