Juniper Smoke by Sadia Ash – Review by Sheri Schrader

Juniper SmokeJuniper Smoke by Sadia Ash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Juniper Smoke Part I and Part II by Sadia Ash is a story full of romance, twists, turns, and passion. The story is about Juniper Mills who is a junior curator at the museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kyle Paxton is a tech wiz from San Francisco. The two meet at a gala for the museum Juniper works. Juniper is a smart, sassy curator who puts her family and work ahead of her life. Kyle is tall, dark, and handsome. One would not put the two together, but immediately there are sparks between them after Kyle rescues Juniper. Kyle makes a proposal to Juniper that challenges her way of thinking about relationships. I enjoyed that Juniper was old fashioned and not into the hookup scene. Kyle, on the other hand, is modern and plans each relationship with mechanical precision as he does the rest of his business and personal life. What will become the two of them who live a world apart?
I absolutely loved this book. Finally, a female character is who is smart, hardworking, loyal to her family but also kind and a bit innocent. I was leery of Kyle’s character but grew to admire and like him also. I kept rooting for the two of them to find their common ground and be a couple. They are thrown challenges as they are trying to learn about one another. The twists and turns are fantastic. I could not believe I was done when I finished and am looking to the next part of the story.
Reviewed by @sherimichelle1

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Tortured Skye (Hawke Family #2) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Shannon Fowler

Tortured Skye (Hawke Family, #2)Tortured Skye by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

McNamee has done it again. I LOVE THE HAWKE FAMILY! The first book is Savage Collision. A few references to that book are made so it would be helpful to read it first, however this story is about Savage’s little sister Skye, and Savage’s best friend Gabe. And even though Skye is all grown up, Savage is still overprotective. Gabe is Savage’s best friend, actually raised more like brothers. Skye and Gabe should be off limits to each other but you really can’t help who you lust after…or is it really love?

“The look of satisfaction in her eyes sends a flurry of emotions through me—anger, fear, regret, pride, contentment, lust…and something else I can’t quite put my finger on.”

Skye is determined to have Gabe. She’s loved him for as long as she can remember, even when he only thought of her as a little sister. Gabe is determined to hide his feelings for Skye. He feels like he will just drag her down with his war time nightmares, crazy father and with her being like a little sister to him. But hang on to your hats, there’s a hurricane coming! Not only the hurricane of feelings but the actual weather system itself. When things seem to go wrong what can make it right again? How about a little sex?!? The sex between these two is super hot. But they also ground each other, making everything feel right. And then there’s a little more unexpected crazy thrown in and maybe being together isn’t so bad. But then there’s Savage. His name is Savage for a reason!
I really loved this story. The plot twist kept me turning the page. I really needed to see if these two would be able to handle the consequences of their choices. Also the hint of more stories to come has me waiting…as patiently as possible! (I hope McNamee is writing!) Do I recommend this story? Yes. Very much so.

Review by @shannonlovesbooks

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Two Hearts Unspoken (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior, #2) by Tamara Ferguson – Review by Jenni Bishop

Two Hearts Unspoken (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior, #2)Two Hearts Unspoken by Tamara Ferguson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elizabeth Bowen was was working as a full time accountant at the plant that has closed. Elizabeth is a single mom of an autistic son, Kyle. Elizabeth decides she needs to reevaluate her life and living with a man she doesn’t love and is not accepting of Kyle and his disability is no longer something she wants. Kyle is definitely a handful and now she has the chance to finally get him the help he has needed all his life. There is definitely not the right facilities for Kyle where she is living now so when the opportunity comes up to put Kyle in a vocational facility that will change his life, Elizabeth jumps at the chance and makes ready to embark on a new life and adventure to Wisconsin.

Zachary Logan, is a retired air force captain who now resides in Crystal Rock. He is looking for a new life for himself since he decided to leave the air force. Luke Bryant, his friend and savior after a tragic accident is helping him work toward that new life but Luke doesn’t quite know how deep the scars go. Zach decides to accept the position of an administrator at a new facility set up to help wounded warriors.

Thanks to Kyle, Zach and Elizabeth have a chance meeting at the magical Dragonfly Pointe beach. After the initial awkwardness they find they each have an instant attraction to one another. Neither can ever remember having felt that before. But Kyle is Elizabeth’s life and they come as a packaged deal.

Can Zach learn to love himself again and move forward to allow someone like Elizabeth to love him? Could someone like Elizabeth ever like someone like him? Is Kyle’s disability too much for Zach to handle? Will Zach finally find the life he has been searching for?

As with book 1 this is a lovely story and I feel for the things that soldiers have to face after coming home from war. You will enjoy this story.

Reviewed by @jenna

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A Tangled Web by M.L. Sparrow – Review by Jenni Bishop

A Tangled WebA Tangled Web by M.L. Sparrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Seventeen Taiyo is a young teenage Japanese girl who lives with her grandmother, . She is best friends with Ryuu and Kairi who are twin boys. They all attend the same school and have been friends for a long time. The twins could not be more different, Ryuu is the lazy one and Kairi is far more fastidious. As they get older things start to change when Taiyo is asked out and starts dating Kairi and Ryuu asks out Taiyo’s friend, Aya. Unfortunately Taiyo likes Ryuu but is so shy she doesn’t show her true feelings. Ryuu has feelings for Taiyo as well but is just as shy as Taiyo and neither reveal their true feeling to each other. Chaos ensues and after many lies and deceit Taiyo learns that being honest is much better than deceiving the ones you love. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone but that is what ends up happening. Teenagers and hormones are a deadly combination.

When they find themselves at the epicenter of a major earthquake and are then faced with a deadly tsunami that hits Japan their world is changed in an instant. The devastation is insurmountable and leaves nothing in it’s wake. Ryuu and Taiyo are missing and their families scared and very worried. Ryuu and Taiyo skipped out of school and didn’t tell anyone and when they become separated and Taiyo is frantic that Ryuu and the others are dead.

How far will Taiyo go to find those she loves? Will Taiyo, Ryuu and Kairi finally realise what is really important in their lives? Will they be forever changed?

If you want a quick and easy read, grab a copy. As it is a Novella it is a very very short story. You will find yourself immersed in the world of one of Japan’s devastating natural disasters.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Two Hearts Surrendered (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance, #1) by Tamara Ferguson – Review by Jenni Bishop

Two Hearts Surrendered (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance, #1)Two Hearts Surrendered by Tamara Ferguson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After arriving at the beach thirteen year old Luke Bryant sees someone struggling in the sea. When he realises there is no Life-Guard around he plunges into the sea to save someone from drowning. Luke has had a rotten, traumatic and violent childhood and after being left with his step father after his mother’s death it only gets worse.

Even at six years old Kelly Callahan is a fashionista. She loves fashion like no other and always wants to look good. After being rescued from a life saving incident Kelly instantly feels a spark and an undeniable connection between her and her rescuer.

Kelly’s brother Dan and Luke become friends. Dan and his family and friends helps Luke out like no one ever has. Kelly is at her sister’s wedding and gets the surprise of her life when she spots the man who stole her heart, Luke. Luke has been in Iraq serving his country, but has returned home on leave and has been asked to attend the wedding. When he sees Kelly he realises just how beautiful she has become. Luke has to return to Iraq and has not been heard of for many months but after some searching he has been found but sadly he is not safe and sound. Finally Luke is coming home but sadly he is coming home with some very serious injuries. He’s feels he isn’t worthy of anyone’s love or self respect and is finding it hard to deal with the loss of not only himself for what he has become but with his friend. He is determined to do it all himself but just can not find the energy or willpower.

Will Luke finally begin to love himself so he can love someone else? Will he finally let others help him? Will his past be too much when he finally reveals the full extent of it? Willy Kelly be able to get through to the man she loves before it is too late?

This is a sad but sweet story but worth the read.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Given to Fly by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Jenni Bishop

Given to FlyGiven to Fly by K.L. Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Annelise Lowe is a pre-school teacher who loves her job and has done what was expected of her, always pleasing everyone, her family, church and her husband Aaron. Annelise’s family is definitely different and they preach the lord to one and all and are more than happy to call Annelise out for being different in their eyes, they berate her and put her down without a care for her feeling. After getting married Aaron and Annelise have made having children their main priority but getting what they want is not happening and is causing issues. Annelise has always been a bigger girl and her weight is not helping with the dreams of having a child.

Aaron seems to only be concerned with himself, his job and having children. He is always on at Annelise because of her weight and because of this Annelise’s self esteem are at an all time low and she believes that she is the one to blame for the state of their marriage.

Annalise meets Trek Blue a single father raising two children after the loss of his wife to cancer through his daughter, Bailey who has just started kindy after moving closer with his mother to start over. Bailey is struggling and is very bright and Annalise finds herself tutoring Bailey. Annelise and Trek become friends and helps her through some tough times.

Annalise’s sister, Charity is much younger than her and her brothers but they find themselves forming a stronger bond when tough times arise and only a sister would understand.

Will Annalise finally find out what has her husband so driven to patch things up? Will she finally love herself for who she is? Will her family understand and support her when she needs them most? Will she be able to finally live a life she has always wanted?

The overall story is good and my favourite quote from the book is “You’ve been given to fly, my love. You just need to believe you can.” Enjoy!

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Confessions of a Carpool Captive by Dawn L. Chiletz – Review by Jana Teppih

Confessions of a Carpool CaptiveConfessions of a Carpool Captive by Dawn L. Chiletz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Confessions of a Carpool Captive is a RomCom contemporary romance by Dawn L. Chiletz. It is my first encounter with the writer and I fell deeply in love with her writing! I will find time to read some more of her work.
Why did I fall in love with the book? It felt like a breath of fresh air, not your usual RomCom – it is peppered with great nuggets of humor, I laughed and giggled and snorted and … even when I was frustrated with Liz I actually had a smile on my face! It was so easy to relate to ALL of the characters, I could see myself being the invisible passenger in that carpool and they all felt like friends. Even though some of the characters were extremely quirky (and annoyingly obnoxious), the writer showed great warmth and love towards all of them.
So, let’s see, we have an introvert Liz who loves numbers and doesn’t like people (or so she thinks); then we have eternally positive Finn who never gives up; and then we have the 3 mischiefs Emerson, Kel and Ernesto who make the rides hilarious as heck!
If you need a pick up and want to laugh while keeping it real, read Confessions of a Carpool Captive! It is perfect! As the writer says: “There are many roads in life and we choose which path is right for us. Just remember, it’s not about how fast you get there. It’s the journey that matters most. Live for the journey.”

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Desert Jewel by Natalina Reis – Review by Jenni Bishop

Desert JewelDesert Jewel by Natalina Reis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Milenda is the Jewel of the Crown of Natale and is set to become ruler. Ancient traditions state, she must select a husband upon her 18th birthday. Men vying for her hand must face the trial, which is set up in accordance with the Elders wishes. A trial that is as older than the Elders themselves and just as deadly but the men who face the trials do so without knowing that the odds have been stacked against them by these cruel and malicious old men. The men have presented themselves before the Jewel to receive her favour but one sends the fear of death into her upon seeing his face. Milenda has already found the love of her life but knows she can not go against traditions let alone the Elders.

Jaali is a former slave that has won his freedom. He teaches at the university and that is how he met his love, Milenda. He knows that in order to be accepted as one worthy of her hand he must face the Elders and the trial they have set before him before they can be man and wife and Milenda can claim the throne. Jaali is determined to win but he starts to realise that the Elders have their own agenda and that does not include Jaali and a happily ever after with Milenda, the Jewel of the Crown. Jaali heads to the desert to start the trials he has to face his deepest fears and fight for his life.

Meanwhile Milenda discovers that the Palace is full of secrets, lies and mystery when it comes to the Elders, causing her to face the problems thrown at her. The Elders do not want Jaali to survive and marry the Jewel,l in fact the Elders plans are very different to those of Melinda and that of the Goddess and Natale. Melinda has been given a gift, gifted to her by the Orisa. Shel learns that her gift may be the one thing that may save her love and could mean his survival, but is it really a gift?

If you like a book with mystery and intrigue then this book is for you.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Waiting to Breathe (Waiting Duet, #1) by Alyson Reynolds – Review by Jana Teppih

Waiting to Breathe (Waiting Duet, #1)Waiting to Breathe by Alyson Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Waiting to Breathe is the first book in Alyson Reynolds’ Waiting Duet. It is the first book I have read by this writer. I guess you would classify the book as a new adult romance taking place in college.
It is a beautifully simple and striking writing that makes it so easy to relate to Olivia and Nate (and Finn and Cora). Alyson tells the story from both Olivia and Nate’s point of view so you always know what they are feeling which makes the story come alive!
Despite of the writing being simple, the story was emotional, angsty and packed with drama which one would expect when knowing what has lead Olivia and Nate to where they are in their lives when they meet. Also, I liked that the story did not follow the typical college stories stereotypes of a player athlete meeting a nerdy girl etc. Nate is not a player at all, he is very focused on his studies and at times he reminded me of old world gentleman; Olivia is an extremely smart young woman who thinks that she is broken because of what she has experienced prior meeting Nate.
The writer is tackling some really tough topics that young people (and also older people) have hard time to deal with. You question some of Nate and Olivia’s actions and you keep your fingers crossed for them and hope that even when something really terrible has happened in your life, the sun will come out and there is future for you! One can find happiness after a lot of pain.
It is a great read and you will not regret the hours spent with Olivia and Nate. I am looking forward to Cora and Finn’s story!

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Make Me Yours by Charity Ferrell – Review by Shannon Fowler

Make Me YoursMake Me Yours by Charity Ferrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great story by Charity Ferrell. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!! Make Me Yours which is know known as Just Her Bodyguard,  is about movie and TV actress, Stella Mendes and Hudson Barnes, who is a marine, recently home from another deployment.
Stella is a child actress all grown up and trying to make a break into the movie business. She learns who she can trust and who she would like to throat punch. Oh wait maybe that publicist is someone I want to throat punch! Either way Stella learns a few things about the business. One thing is for sure, Stella likes to feel safe and protected. Therefore she has had a bodyguard, Dallas. But Dallas is married and with a sick wife. When Dallas needs a family favor it’s Hudson to the rescue, not that Dallas actually gave him a choice but that’s what families do for each other.
Being a bodyguard to a “princess” is the last thing Hudson wants to do. But with his current relationship hitting the rocks and Dallas’ wife’s health condition, Hudson needs some time away. What he doesn’t expect is Stella actually being someone he could talk to, even become friends , or is it possible, to even love?
Being in Hollywood causes many different feelings and situations to arise. However, not everything is as it seems. Can these two have the kind of love everyone dreams of? Where distance doesn’t matter, jobs don’t matter. Just being together, working things out as they come your way.

“I’ve come to realize that you can make a home anywhere when you’re with the one you love.”

This story was fun to read, except for the heart wrenching parts! I recommend this story and look forward to what’s next with Ferrell!

Review by @shannonlovesbooks

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