Addiction (Distraction #2) by Angela McPherson – Review by Jana Teppih

Addiction (Distraction #2)Addiction by Angela McPherson
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Addiction is the second book in Angela Mcpherson’s Distraction trilogy and she absolutely blew my mind with the second book! I took no breather between the books and it all felt like one long dream (at times a nightmare that you cannot wake up from). Do not read this book as a standalone! You will miss out on so much!
Thank you so much Angela for tackling this horrific and heartbreaking topic, I forgive you for taking it to the direction you did as that is what the real life is about! I was crying so hard; I simply could not stop. I have felt what Elle’s sister Heather felt … It broke my heart but I understand …
The more I read, the more I fell in love with Tristan, he was amazing and I know, we all wish for a boyfriend like him (even if we do not acknowledge it out loud). Also, this book added so many more layers to Elle and got us deeper into some of her behavior and reasoning.
It is crazy what twists the writer threw us into, there were so many secrets and as we all know, secrets have a bad habit of surfacing and biting us in our butt … Angela’s storytelling is brilliant and I knew that I had to go straight to book three when I finished book two as I knew that she would bring the story together, she would not leave us with so much pain, there has to be more!

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