Her Dark Past by Alexandrea Weis – Review by Jenni Bishop

Her Dark Past (Corde Noire #4)Her Dark Past by Alexandrea Weis
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Brynn once again finds herself back in New Orleans after the death of her ex husband Nathan Cole. A place that holds many many dark secrets, secrets she has tried so hard to leave behind. Brynn finds herself at his funeral and having to deal with the ruthless men who are members of the Corde Noire a secret society that holds many many terrible and disturbing secrets. Nathan Cole was murdered and the men of the Corde Noire society want his murderer revealed.

Brynn is now a writer and is trying to juggle writing her latest book and dealing with Nathan’s estate but being back in New Orleans has bought back the many bad memories and ghosts. Brynn has always had a gift, one she never shares one her ex husband exploited. Brynn is staying at the Shallows Nathan’s home but the things she sees she can never unsee and it leaves her shaken. Did Nathan Cole make a deal with the devil?

Declan Corinth has a past he is ashamed of but a past that has helped him land on his feet. Ren the leader of the Corde Noire has made a deal with Declan. Declan needs to learn Brynn’s secret and gain her trust but to do so he has to pretend he is something he is not, something that makes him sick to his stomach. If he doesn’t get the information the Corde Noire wants will Brynn’s life be in danger? Will Brynn let him into her life?

Will Brynn be pushed too far and be destroyed in the process? Will Brynn be able to find the answers needed by the Coire Noire before time runs out? Will Brynn be able to finally let go of the past and be able to live a life that she has always wanted but only been able to write about? Is there more behind the Corde Noire and it’s Ren the true leader or just a puppet?

I enjoyed this book, there are so many twists and turns and the intrigue and supernatural elements certainly keep you drawn to the story.

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