Dogged by Holly Tierney-Bedord – Review by Colleen Noyes

Dogged by Holly Tierney-Bedord was a quick and light-hearted read. As a dog owner, I often wonder what my dog may be thinking and this story gives the reader a little insight into that. Through the voice of Rufus, the dog it is not your typical love story about a man and a woman, but more the love story of a broken man Edward, his previously abandoned unwanted dog Rufus, and a woman Mikayla who can help change all of that. This was a story about finding true love, however it also showcases how humans and animals can come from different walks of life, troubles, past hurts, and create a loving family. It was sensitive, loving, and outright funny! I found myself reading with a lot of awe, oooh, and laughing moments. This is a clean and fun book that I think any reader would love whether a teenager or an adult. I felt that the author did a wonderful job of bringing you in and through the whole book I could feel as if I was the dog lol.

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