Just Live by Shaan Ranae – Review by Jenni Bishop

Just LiveJust Live by Shaan Ranae
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Kathryn James has always wanted the fairytale love and happiness that her Granny and Papaw had. But with the life she has she knew that fantasy doesn’t exist, love does not exist. The life Kathryn has is one of pain and abuse, from the one who should love her. Kathryn finally finds the courage, with the help of her best friend Sylvie, to start a new life a life without fear and pain. As she begins her journey she meets different people along the way but one will change her life and her fairytale.

Jasper Carter is a man in search of his dreams. His dream of being a Jazz musician and is on his way to Vegas to fulfill that dream. Along his journey he finds something that will change his life forever and confront a painful part of his past. Something he wants to leave just there, in the past.

Will Kathryn be able to learn to survive and be able to Just Live? Will she be able to overcome her fears? Will she be to find the fantasy and the true love she has always dreamed about? Will she be able to find a family and home to call her own?

Will Jasper find the dream of becoming a Jazz musician and someone to share it with or will it be all taken away from him?

This is an extremely emotional, painful and abusive yet beautiful story of rediscovery and learning to love again not only themselves but others to. The character Kathryn brought out my emotional side. I can guarantee you will want to read this in one sitting.

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