Two Hearts Unspoken (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior, #2) by Tamara Ferguson – Review by Jenni Bishop

Two Hearts Unspoken (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior, #2)Two Hearts Unspoken by Tamara Ferguson
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Elizabeth Bowen was was working as a full time accountant at the plant that has closed. Elizabeth is a single mom of an autistic son, Kyle. Elizabeth decides she needs to reevaluate her life and living with a man she doesn’t love and is not accepting of Kyle and his disability is no longer something she wants. Kyle is definitely a handful and now she has the chance to finally get him the help he has needed all his life. There is definitely not the right facilities for Kyle where she is living now so when the opportunity comes up to put Kyle in a vocational facility that will change his life, Elizabeth jumps at the chance and makes ready to embark on a new life and adventure to Wisconsin.

Zachary Logan, is a retired air force captain who now resides in Crystal Rock. He is looking for a new life for himself since he decided to leave the air force. Luke Bryant, his friend and savior after a tragic accident is helping him work toward that new life but Luke doesn’t quite know how deep the scars go. Zach decides to accept the position of an administrator at a new facility set up to help wounded warriors.

Thanks to Kyle, Zach and Elizabeth have a chance meeting at the magical Dragonfly Pointe beach. After the initial awkwardness they find they each have an instant attraction to one another. Neither can ever remember having felt that before. But Kyle is Elizabeth’s life and they come as a packaged deal.

Can Zach learn to love himself again and move forward to allow someone like Elizabeth to love him? Could someone like Elizabeth ever like someone like him? Is Kyle’s disability too much for Zach to handle? Will Zach finally find the life he has been searching for?

As with book 1 this is a lovely story and I feel for the things that soldiers have to face after coming home from war. You will enjoy this story.

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