When Love Breaks by Kate Squires – Review by Jana Teppih

When Love BreaksWhen Love Breaks by Kate Squires
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When Love Breaks by Kate Squires was my first encounter with this writer. The blurb was very intriguing so I decided that I want to read it and find out what it really is about, I was not disappointed!
It is an incredibly beautiful love story of Logan and Elora that took its sweet time to come to happen. I loved how the author wrote from both main characters’ point of view – it would have been so easy to dislike Logan when learning about him just from Elora’s point of view. Reading his words, one could so easily relate to his frustration and it all adds an additional layer to the story.
Kate Squires writes beautifully about love and loss, trust and loyalty, ethics mixed with feelings … You feel all the emotions down to your bones – when you cry then you truly cry (not some cute sniffles but real bowling your eyes out), when you laugh at the characters’ quirky back and forth then you truly laugh (not some polite chuckle but out loud so you have to catch yourself if you are sneak reading at work)!
The writer makes us to question ourselves, the world is not black and white, there is a lot of gray and you need to take a stand to “can you give up your dreams for someone else?”, “can you give up your dreams for … love”? What will it be when it comes to it … Take couple of evenings and find out! You will not regret the hours you’ll be spending with Elora and Logan!
I will be on a lookout for Kate Squires next book as she is someone to note down on my new authors’ list!

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