D is for Dinosaur by Rhonda Parrish – Review by Jenni Bishop

D is for DinosaurD is for Dinosaur by Rhonda Parrish
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D is for Dinosaur is the fourth book in the Alphabet Anthologies series and written by multiple authors
A by Michael M Jones.
Tanith is an angry 16 year old. She is angry at the world around her, but she must learn how to control the beast that lives inside her in. She dreams of monsters but are they real?
B by Simon Kewin.
Bronte is constantly bullied but she has had enough and decides revenge is the way to go. In her dreams she is a raptor but she would rather be a the type of dinosaur that can fly so she can leave the world behind. When she finds out things are not as they seem will Bronte change her mind?
C by Brittany Warman.
This story is written from the perspective of a bird that explains what life is like growing up and what it is like to leave the nest and their family behind. What will this small but brave creature find outside the nest?
D by C.S. MacCath.
This story is about revenge, violence against dinosaurs, leaders who want power and slaves. The power hungry leaders think that extinction is the answer. Will revenge be the answer and just who can they trust? Will that trust be misplaced?
E by Gary B Phillips.
This sad story is about a dad who happens to be a photographer. He has suffered tragedies but those tragedies have helped shape him and hes is able to find happiness and that there is more to life.
F by L.S. Johnson.
Robert and Carol have an unhappy marriage. Robert is obsessed in his belief about a mythical creature that apparently lives some where on an Island. As his obsession takes over his life he becomes abusive. Carol may never recover from Roberts crazed obsession.
G by Suzanne J. Willis.
Pax just wants to protect his friends but he has a destiny to be just like his ancestors but he, along with Evers and Abby become tangled up in revenge, a kidnapping, and a war. Is Pax able to save is himself and his friends? Will they win the war?
H by Megan Engelhardt.
This story is about shifters who are in hiding, never staying to long in one place, always on the move in their quest for water, paradise. But will all be lost when the sun comes up? Will they their paradise?
I by Michael Fosburg.
This story is about the Dreamer who slowly takes the memories and the minds of others. The Inaan people are fighting a life and death battle and are just trying to survive. Can they win the battle and continue to live their lives the way they do?
J by Jeanne Kramer-Smyth.
Bonnie is a smuggler and she always has a back up plan, plans that always sees her through but is she about to run out of those best laid plans? It seems time is getting away. Will Snyder be able to help her in time and will she survive without getting caught?
K by Pete Aldin.
Brynjar and Gunnar are two boys that are stranded and they are desperate to escape the pickle they find themselves. Will they be rescued or can they find a way out and get home?
L by Alexandra Seidel.
Corvy feels like her parents never see her, she believes she is invisible to them. Corvy finds a something which is not from Earth. What is this mystery item and what does it mean. What will become of Corvy and will her parents finally see her?
M by Michael B. Tager.
It’s Eddy’s birthday and Eddy and Julia are planning something. But does that planning include a birthday celebration or is it something mysterious. When they meet a stranger things begin to get crazy.
N by KV Taylor.
After a terrible tragedy Judy’s left behind with an abusive father. Judy has learned that she was gifted with the ability to return others to life. With all she has suffered, will Judy be able to find her own life and live?
O by Amanda C. Davis.
Hazel and Zig have a machine that enables them to time travel to different worlds but what happens to them when their machine stops working?
P by Beth Cato.
Carmen has a friend, Vincent. Is Vincent more than he seems in more ways than one? What happens when Vincent takes over playing? Will carmen become part of something that is much, much bigger.
Q by Lynn Hardaker.
Margaret and John who are looking forward to spending the summer and working with their Uncle Mitch and being away from their father. They find their uncle’s house is full of hidden things and is a very mysterious place. What will they find and will their holiday be all they thought it would be?
R by Sara Cleto.
Lizzie and her sister, Laura love to sing. They uncover something mysterious from their mother’s garden, something that reminds them of a different time but also something that invades their dreams .
S by Jonathan C. Parrish.
This story is about a lady who finds herself lost in her dreams and memories. She dreams of of rooms that are found only in her mind and of the past. When she stumbles upon a new room she finds something. What is this thing she has found?!
T by Samantha Kymmell Harvey.
Maebelle knows what she wants, what she has wanted her whole life and that is to get into the Academy. Just how far will she go & what will she do when things don’t go as planned?
U by Michael Kellar.
Raymond’s grandfather is the reason he has a love for dinosaurs and the world in which they live. He believes they are an intelligent species. Now he has the chance to see the thing he loves most for himself but at what cost?
V by Cory Cone.
Michael, Jessi and Archer are Ghostbuster dinosaur hunters. As with any ghostbusters they rid the world of the infestation of dinosaurs. When called they come but what happens when they get a seemingly normal house call?
W by Hal J. Friesen.
Lisa is trying to save the lives of humans and dinosaurs who are have been genetically changed. How far is Lisa willing to go to save these creatures. Will she survive or will it become dangerous?
X by BD Wilson.
Victor thinks trying to make a difference in the world. He believes in his work and believes he is helping by being a part of an experiment. What is really happening at this institution which Victor believes he is curing diseases?
Y by Andrew Bourelle.
Everyone wants the powerful new drug that is for sale on the streets, one that is exotic and rare due to it’s contents but who and what are they willing to do to get their hands on it?
Z by Laura VanArendonk Baugh.
Brianna has always studied hard for what she wants in life. Her brother Brandon has always taken the easy way out but when Brandon needs Brianna’s help she agrees but at what cost? Will this task bring them closer together or tear them apart?
The stories in this book are all very short stories. They are journey’s full of mysteries and suspense. If you love Dinosaurs this book is definitely the one for you.

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