The Monster That Ate My Mommy by Jessica Aiken-Hall – Review by Debi Kircher

The Monster That Ate My MommyThe Monster That Ate My Mommy by Jessica Aiken-Hall
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The Monster That Ate My Mommy by Jessica Aiken-Hall

5 Awesomely Amazing Heartbreaking Stars

I am an avid reader and have read since I was very young, I’m not so young anymore and can confidently say I’ve read more books in my lifetime than most normal readers that read for pleasure. I without even a second thought can say that there is not another book I’ve read that has touched me the way this book has. This author has taken a heartbreaking story and filled it with so much courage and hope making me feel so many emotions while reading it that I’ve had to take a few hours to sit and get my thoughts together before being able to even think of writing this review.

I am in complete awe of this author. The strength and courage it had to have taken to write this and while writing having to relive it all is far beyond my thought process. What is also beyond what I can imagine is that this is real, and is happening right now all over the world, this author proves that it can be happening right next door to us and we have no clue.

She is a brave survivor. Ive wanted to meet many authors in person but never as much as I’d love to meet this one if only to lay my eyes on such strength and beauty. I absolutely loved how this book was written, the words formed her emotions even when those emotions were hard to feel.

I truly just don’t know what else to say, reviewing this book feels wrong because this wasn’t just a book, this was a life put into words brilliantly!! I will recommend to every person I know that they read this story!!

Have followed this author and will one click anything and everything.

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