Common Ground: Kayla and Taylor’s Story by Alice Rachel – Review by Jana Teppih

Common Ground: Kayla and Taylor's StoryCommon Ground: Kayla and Taylor’s Story by Alice Rachel
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Common Ground: Kayla and Taylor’s Story by Alice Rachel is part of her Underground series and you should really read them in an order. I know, it might be a bit confusing having had read the main first book and then reading the novella but in some ways it makes total sense! All these novellas/short stories that Alice is gracing us with give deeper insight into her dystopian world and helps you to understand some of the characters’ motivation and background better.
As the title says, this is the story of Kayla and Taylor who we know are leaders of the Resistance from reading the first book. I loved to learn about how they first met and how they built the trust between them and how experience of loss cemented their relationship further. Apart from Kayla and Taylor we learn more also about other characters we have come across the series …
This novella is another amazing example of the chilling world that the writer has created, it leaves us feeling disturbed especially considering the political environment we are living in! I was telling to a stranger today about the-forced-sterilization-of-lower-classes-law and permission-to-kill-the-homosexuals-at-sight law and she was blown away … is that the future awaiting for us? Keep writing Ms Rachel!

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