Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams, #1) by Abbie Roads – Review by Jenni Bishop

Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams, #1)Race the Darkness by Abbie Roads
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Race to Darkness is the first book in the Fatal Dreams series by Abbie Roads and is a paranormal romance. I enjoy reading Abbie’s books and this one did not disappoint me. This dark story has tales of legends, people with powers and a religious cult that you just want to see the same happen to them. You will find yourself going through a myriad of emotions as you walk along this path with these characters.

Isleen Walker has given up on ever being found. She has endured 8 years of hell and no longer has the will to live and she had made peace that death but event that seems to elude her. Nothing will take her away from her living nightmare. The only thing that has kept her alive this long is the belief in her dreams. Dreams that seem so real and yet so far away.

Xander Stone has a gift but if you ask him it is a curse, but if you want information then he is your man. He uses his gift to help catch criminals but the only way for him to survive is by drowning out the noise in his head. Now he doesn’t know why but he is being pulled towards something and can not stop himself. What he finds at his destination breaks his heart and is at a loss for who could have done such a thing.

When the two connect the world is set to right. Being apart is not an option. Is it madness or something much deeper than either of them suspect?

OMG the men in this story need a good slap but they get there in the end and there is a lot of crazy goings on that keeps you glued to the story to see what was going to happen next. I am waiting with baited breath to see what Abbie comes up with next for her next book.

This is a 5 star crazy read.

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