Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams, #1) by Abbie Roads – Review by Naomi McDonald

Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams, #1)Race the Darkness by Abbie Roads
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Race the Darkness is the first book in the Fatal Dreams series. Thankfully this is not a cliff hanger and the story is wrapped up well.

Everything changed for Xander when he was struck by lightning. With increased hearing abilities and the ability to read thoughts, he often helps out authorities as a special consultant. It’s difficult sometimes to manage all of the input, especially in regard to one voice he keeps hearing over and over again. It’s happened for years and his solution has been to drink it away.

On one occasion he finally lets the voice lead him and he ends up finding a girl and her grandmother trapped in a trailer with a mentally ill woman who has been abusing them. After rescuing them, he discovers an unusual connection between himself and the victim, Isleen.

As they spend more time together, Xander learns that Isleen has been having traumatic dreams that foretell the future. And, interestingly, Isleen is the only one that can help him manage his powers. The more they are around each other, the more their bond grows. But then, just as things seem to be going well, someone murders Isleen’s grandmother and then kidnaps Isleen.

This book is full of family drama, a religious cult, twists and turns, and the strange actions that some people take out of a twisted sense of love.

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