Under Ground (Under Ground #1) by Alice Rachel – Review by Jana Teppih

Under Ground (Under Ground #1)Under Ground by Alice Rachel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When the darkness meets the light, in fear it shall flee.
Not all is what is seems, open your eyes and you will see.
When the chains break apart, the enslaved shall be free.
When the world has changed, a new dawn it will be.
Under Ground is the first book in Alice Rachel’s dystopian series called ‘Under Ground’. It is meant for Young Adults but I don’t see anything wrong with also more mature audience reading it (I am no longer a spring chicken myself). I love dystopian genre and especially when they are complex and the storyline can go off in tangents. Alice Rachel’s series will join Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth and Alan Moore and James Dashner on my Kindle!
I think that her book is very relevant in the world we are living in right now, considering what changes are happening around us – Alice Rachel’s world is a total patriarchal society where women have no rights, they outnumber the men so the men that the right to accept and reject women. The status is all that matters! Obviously, as in the real world, there is a counter power/movement to it all, it is called Under Ground and they are a group of rebels looking for starting a revolution!
The rules and regulations of the world seem too real at times; you question at times if it really is fiction that you are reading … I loved how the writer was able to combine action with steamy romance and heart breaking family moments. I am looking forward to continue my journey towards equality and freedom with Thia and Chi while the juggle their personal relationship. I am also looking forward to finding out more about the other characters I met in this first book!

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