Interception by Angela McPherson – Review by Jenni Bishop

Interception (Distraction #3)Interception by Angela McPherson
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College is coming to an end and the world is their oyster. The plans that Tristan Daniels and Elle Richards are piecing together are at a standstill. Elle knows what she wants but Tristan has yet to make up his mind on what he wants. Elle knows what she needs to do to help him along. Just when things are looking up for them as a couple an unexpected discovery throws them for a loop. Tristan watching the one he loves suffer decides to take things into his own hands
and call in the troops. After coming to grips with another loss they are yet again hit with something from the past that no one in a million years saw coming. Hardships have been fought, some they have lost and others they have won but this, this will definitely put their relationship to the test. The will be the ultimate sacrifice. Tristan and Elle’s friend, Paul is home from his stint in the army and wants to rekindle the love he believes is his. Will Elle & Tristan be strong enough to weather the storm that has been thrust upon them or
will it be too much for them as a couple? Will Elle accept the changes to come for the man she loves or will it all be too great a sacrifice? Can Tristan and Elle accept that their lives will forever be changed and move forward together? When old and new friends come together will it be to much to disrupt and destroy friendships that they have. Will Paul be able to put the past behind him and move forward?
This is the final book in the series with a lot of ups and downs, wins and losses. It was such an emotional journey and it is a great way to finish up the series.

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