Order of Vespers by Elyse Reyes – Review by Jenni Bishop

Order of VespersOrder of Vespers by Elyse Reyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jasper Andrews has a special gift one which finds her on the wrong side of the law. A gift she has no control over. She is strong of will, sassy, quick to temper and she is extremely unpredictable. She is also a protagonist and lashes out at those around her. Jasper is having a week from hell. After being accused of blowing things up at school, having her parents decide it is safer to send her away to strangers, to starting a fire that causes her to lose everything and everyone she loves and holds dear, she is one the run. When she stumbles across a stranger who seems to know her but she doesn’t know him, she is forcefully taken off the streets but are they friend or foe? Is her gift really a gift or is it a curse? Is she really in danger, from herself, from something unknown or from those who seek to help?

Jasper finds herself amongst the Order of Vespers, people similar liker her who are trying to maintain the balance of good and evil, light and dark and peace. This has been their task since the beginning of time. Jasper must learn to master her gift to become all she can be, become more than they all know. But time is running out and what was once a safe haven is no more. Those that she now holds dear are at risk from those who seek to destroy.

Who is this group who are after her and other like her? Is Jasper all they thought she is and is she the answer to all their needs? Is she the balance between good and evil, light and dark?
Will they destroy her to become something more? How far will they go to take what they want? Who can she trust?

Jaspers world definitely has many twists and turns and everything is not what it seems. She often had me laughing with her humor and sarcasm but sad for all she had to endure. I enjoyed this book and know you will too. The cliffhanger leaves it open for the next installment, I hope.

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