Circles Within Circles (Prairie Magic, #1) by Cori Vidae – Review by Jenni Bishop

Circles Within Circles (Prairie Magic, #1)Circles Within Circles by Cori Vidae
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mary is alone on her farm out in the middle of nowhere, quite a ways from her neighbours. Her brother Michael and farm hand Pete, are away at war god knows where. Being alone she finds herself talking to the only creature around, her cat to keep from feeling so lonely. With time on hers hands she finds herself thinking about the rumors about her mother, in particular those of her mother being a witch. Nothing led her to believe those rumors were true.

When Mary sees the mirror in her bedroom ripple she reaches out thinking to feel the cold surface but what she feels and sees is unbelievable. She sees her twin brother Michael, Mary is not sure how because he is somewhere half a world away on a battlefield in France. After Mary connects with him through the mirror, they both realise that the rumors about their mother could be true, couldn’t they?

When Michael tells Mary he has a bad feeling of things to come, she listens and sets about trying to find ways to help him, to save him. Mary sets out to see if the rumors are true but what she finds is definitely more than she bargained for but without the help she has been offered, she is completely helpless. But what is the price she is willing to pay to save her brother, for the help she is offered?

For a short story I found it intriguing. If you like a quick read and like a little paranormal, then give it a go.

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