Naomi by Mya O’Malley – Review by Jenni Bishop

NaomiNaomi by Mya O’Malley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Naomi is moving on with her life after her ordeal with Maggie and Ryan and things are looking good. She has the love of a wonderful man, Bryce and his beautiful daughter, Holly, but thanks to her gift it seems yet another ghost wants and demands her attention but this one is full of hate, rage and malice. The visions, the dreams, the thoughts are threatening her in more ways than one. Naomi realises that the only way to get rid of the malevolent being is to try to solve his mystery. Naomi is struggling, it seems like everything is racing out of control and she is losing it. But is she in danger of losing more than her mind? This ghost is really strong and he goes about trying to crush her hopes, her dreams, her future and her very life.

Bryce loves Naomi and would do anything to take away her pain but is finding it increasingly harder to do as she pushes him away. He realises he needs to be there for Naomi now more than ever and he is not willing to let go of the future that he has planned for himself, for his family. With Bryce’s love, support and help Naomi knows she is stronger and that they can get through anything even if it seems like all might be lost. In order to get through this Naomi will find herself questioning everyone and everything she thought she knew, including herself and the evidence brought to light.

Can Naomi withstand the torture of the mind games and physical threats she is enduring? Can she keep Bryce and his daughter, Holly safe? Will Bryce stand by Naomi or will this prove too much for him?

Mya O’Malley has once again written and woven together a great spell binding story. This book is a fantastic paranormal suspense mystery with loads of twists and turns that once again had me on the edge of my seat. This is a must read.

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