The Lucky One (Carolina Connections # 3) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Sheri Schrader

The Lucky One (Carolina Connections # 3)The Lucky One by Sylvie Stewart
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The Lucky One by Sylvie Stewart is the third book in the Carolina Connections Series. I was anxious to get to this book since I enjoyed the first two so much. For those who have not read the first two, great news this is a standalone book also. I recommend reading the others so that you have some history with the characters but that is not necessary to enjoy the book. This story is about Bailey and Jake. Bailey is beautiful but is very much a tomboy. She works for her family’s construction business. She holds her own against men and find that she can relate to them well. Jake has just made his way back to his hometown. He is into landscaping but that is not how the two meet. At a wedding, Bailey’s brother’s to be exact, she is feeling very womanly in a dress and heals. She catches the attention of Jake and the story takes off from there.
This is a HEA story like the others in the series but despite the predictable ending is fun to enjoy the ride. The characters are fun but realistic. Bailey is against “girly” things but realizes that she also can enjoy being a bit girly at times. Jake is fun and a challenge against everything Bailey thought she knew. The story reminds us that you never know where your someone special will be. It could be someone you know or someone new. We just have to let our guard down and enjoy the journey.

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