Frost Bitten (The Portal Prophecies, #3) by C.A. King – Review by Sheri Schrader

Frost Bitten (The Portal Prophecies, #3)Frost Bitten by C.A. King
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The Portal Prophecies: Frost Bitten is written by C.A. King. This is the third book in the series. These books are best read in order because I do not see them as standalone or out of order type of books. The story picks up where book two left off in the adventures of Willow and her friends. This time Willow and gang are up for a new challenge and learning more about themselves. The call has come and they are needing to help. This story is a Christmas/Winter theme. I enjoy how each new story is a new challenge and process for Willow and her gang. Also, that each story has a different season or theme involved.
Everyone is turning against Willow and her friends. Can they help Lance and survive King Cornelius’ wrath all at once? As their world and experiences are expanding so are their obligations and chances for conflict. I enjoyed this story and am getting pulled in deeper to the world that C.A. King has created for Willow and all the different characters. Willow is fun, strong, and adventurous. She has grown since the first book and so have her friends. They are learning quickly but are also challenged at every turn. I enjoy that they have some tough decisions and must weigh the consequences of their actions.
This is not a series for people who want a simple, boring story. Each book takes the reader on a different adventure. I am glad that there are more books in this series and look forward to reading them.

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