The Caretaker (The Sin Bin, #2) by Dahlia Donovan – Review by Angela Shirley

The Caretaker (The Sin Bin, #2)The Caretaker by Dahlia Donovan
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The Caretaker is a love story following the lives of Freddie and Tiane, with the ups and downs that their relationship has over the cause of the story.

Freddie is a fun loving guy who has a tough job in being a nurse who deals with the terminally ill patients. He has have a tough life being bullied due to the fact he had two fathers, although he had love in his life from those two strong men, their family pushed against convention and that is what his peers could not stand.

While making a stand against his overbearing fathers he moved to Cardiff where he has the same bullying by every time it seems he has some unmentionable disgusting vile words written over his car or his front door, this morning was no different. Plastered on his Mini was the vile words relation to his sexuality, Freddie reports the act to the police but is under no illusion that they will be caught. So Freddie goes along with his job and drives to his patient Graham in Cornwall, he enjoyed visiting Graham as he could stop in on the way to visit his parents.

Tiane is a rather large retired rugby player who enjoys his life and his hamster, yes you read right a Hamster called Speedy. Tiane has decided to take a journey to see his team mate BC and his partner in Cornwall. So as Tiane gets comfortable in the bed and breakfast along come a bright green mini. As Freddie gets out of his car he is bombard by these hunky man who are causing regarding the state of the car and wondering if Freddie has reported the shameful words plastered on the side of it.

Freddie assures the guys that he has reported it to the police and that he will get the repairs done when he gets back to Cardiff, while Freddie is looking after BC’s partner Graham he feels eyes following him and when he turns around Tiane is starring at him with lust in his eyes.

Tiane has always be Bio curious and has enjoyed relationships with both sexes, but he has never had such draw to one person so Freddie is special to him and he does not want to scare him off. Although Tiane feels these feelings his is fully aware of the age difference, so he treads carefully.

As the story continues you understand that within Freddie’s life he has wanting to live life but has not found the right partner to do this with and with the constant overbearing parent he has never had a relationship which lasts. Tiane is a little worried about the age difference but he has never let what other people think put him off getting what he wants. So when he decides to follow Freddie on holiday there whole world turns upside down.

This is the second book in the Sin Bin series and also the second book I have read by this author, I enjoy the way the author creates great characters who you can relate too. I enjoy the way she writes these macho alpha men who have these soft loving side. I can not wait to read more stories in this series and more books by this author.

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