Only (Alex Conner Chronicles, #3) by Parker Sinclair – Review by Angela Shirley

Only (Alex Conner Chronicles, #3)Only by Parker Sinclair
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Only is the third book in the Alex Connor chronicles and follows on from book two where Alex was kidnapped by the Fae King. Can Alex escape the clutches of the King and not given in to the demands he has forced on her or will she not have a choice?

Alex is a newly discovered Hybrid Earthen Protector who is just trying to process the new powers she has, but before she knows what has happened to her she is kidnapped and slung in a cage in the Fae kingdom. While Alex is locked up the Fae king wants something from Alex but she is determined to hold out and not give in. But it is becoming harder for her to keep her resolve as each time she is give the drug concoction she is losing her memories of her loyal friends and her life as she knows it.

As time goes on the dream world starts to become the reality and that the Fae king is slowly wearing her down until Alex sees some of her friends who give her an incentive to carry on and resist the king and his advances. As the story continues poor Alex is put into various situations where she sees new and old friends fight to risk their lives to help.

I will echo the other reviews you really can’t read this as a stand-alone book as the other two books give a lot of the back story and brings you into the world of Avalon and Alex’s struggle so far. Parker Sinclair has brought us back into the world of fantasy and it is also a pleasure reading the adventures of this strong, loving young woman. All her characters including the secondary characters has guts and fire and you feel part of the story as you read. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

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