See You in September (The Refuge #1) by Debbie Zello – Review by Jenni Bishop

See You in September (The Refuge #1)See You in September by Debbie Zello
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

See You in September is the first book in the Refuge series by Debbie Zello and the first book by this author. The characters are well written and is full of passion, the book is a great read that will definitely satisfy the romantic within you and keep you hooked from the first page until the last.

When Cheri Winslow Gates entered her home she encountered far more than she thought she would ever see. The scene before her sends her fleeing and now realising her life has been a total lie. Now she is finally getting her life back together, after her divorce Cheri thought she would never put the past behind her. Starting over is not on her radar but when a sexy new neighbour enters her life, could she learn how to start living again? But will all her happiness be tested when the one who hurt her suddenly appears in her life again? What will happen when past and future collide? Will Cheri be bought to her knees and have her life crashing down around her?

Gareth Marshall is finally getting a long needed vacation and it is sure to be a vacation to remember. When he discovers a beautiful mermaid on the beach his life is changed forever. This beautiful creature is his neighbour, a neighbour that he can’t keep out of his mind, one he wants to know better but is that even possible when you live thousand of miles away? Can you do that when you travel the world with your job? What starts as a friendship develops into so much more, but will it survive?

This is a beautiful romance story, but the underlying story is fraught with lots of pain and anguish. This twist will keep you guessing and wondering what will happen next. How much heartache can one person take? The characters are wonderfully written and it is a romance that will leave you wanting more.

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