Angel Series Books #1-5 by Tracy Lorraine – Review by Jenni Bishop

Angel Series Books #1-5Angel Series Books #1-5 by Tracy Lorraine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Angel Series is the first of four books by Tracy Lorraine in her Angel series. I liked the fact that they each flowed on from one another with the characters each interwoven throughout. I enjoyed Tracy’s writing style and the complexities and depth of the stories and the characters. I fell in love, laughed and cried with each and everyone of these characters as they took on a life of their own and walked with them through their heartbreaks and loss, love and acceptance. The range of emotions they feel you will feel right along with them and the twists and turns will have you glued to the end and then leave you wanting more. The Angel series is focused around four women, Molly, Abbi, Emma and Connie and their struggles, their losses and their loves. What they find is the one thing they each need but getting there is not always as easy as it should be or could be. What they need could be right in front of their faces. What they need could be their perfect fit. What they could have is their happily ever after.

Molly – When tragedy strikes best friends are found, what happens when feeling change and you find yourself falling in love with your best friend?

Abbi – When you have finally put the past behind and turned your life around, what happens when you come face to face with your hearts desires?

Emma – When you are still grieving from a loss so profound and insecurities, what happens when you find someone who thinks you are perfect?

Connie – When you have hidden your feelings your whole life, what happens when you make something so amazing?

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