Love Tools (Bluestone Series Book 1) by Isobel Reed – Review by Kerry Carr

Love Tools (Bluestone Series, #1)Love Tools by Isobel Reed
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this romance story. The author does an amazing job with the characters and I really enjoyed how at the start Lily and Jake seemed to hate each other but the teasing and barbs they threw at each other was all building up to an attraction that neither of them could deny.

Lily changed her whole life,leaving her family behind to take over a tool shop her father left her when he passed. She has nothing to lose, she hates her job and her dating life is non existent as she always attracts the wrong guys.
What she doesn’t expect is to meet a guy and not just any guy. Jake is a guy with so many red flags she should run in the opposite direction screaming.

Jake has never had a serious relationship. He’s known as a bit of a ladies man and he’s happy with that. Until he meets Lily. He’s never felt about a woman the way he does about Lily but how can he prove to her that he is the man for her and not the womaniser she thinks him to be.

This is a slow burn romance where the attraction is there but both Lily and Jake need to work through their past relationships and pains to be able to full let the other person in. Their connection is fun to read as they constantly push and pull each other.

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