Silverglen by E.A. Burnett – Review by Jenni Bishop

SilverglenSilverglen by E.A. Burnett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Silverglen by EA Burnett takes you to a magic world where wizards and shifters will hold you captivated. EA has written a story that is full of wonder, suspense, sorrow and fear. Her writing and your imagination lend for a powerful fantasy world of characters that you feel all the emotions and turmoil they go through. You find yourself wanting to join the fight and see justice for those who are different to what the perceived normal should be.

Ember was born into a world where wizards live and shifters only exist. Being who she is, is not an option. Keeping her secret is the only option if she wants to live. No one knows her secret except for her mother. She is after all the daughter of a powerful man, a wizard Lord Arundel, head of the council, man who has a hatred of shifters that goes beyond normal. His equally mad assistant, Fletch is a man driven to such horrors that you can only imagine. But does this man know Ember’s secret? Does he know just what she is? Does he know just what her mother has done? When Ember’s secret is discovered she is forced to flee the only home she has ever know. She has always held out hope, that one day she could meet more of her kind. When Ember discovers that Fletch is on her trail she must decide which is the lesser of the two evils, Fletch or her father. Ember decides she must save those like herself and refuses to let the threat harm everyone she has come to love but in doing so she risks her identity, her life and her family. Will the lies soon be discovered? Will Ember finally have the freedom she desires? Will Ember risk all and everything she has learned for the sake of others? Will Ember be brought down by the evil that follows her?

If you like fantasy, wizards and shifters then this is a book for you.

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