Life’s Gateway to Happiness (Show Me, #2) by Anne Stone – Review by Jenni Bishop

Life's Gateway to Happiness (Show Me, #2)Life’s Gateway to Happiness by Anne Stone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Life’s Gateway to Happiness is the second book in the Show Me Series by Anne Stone. This book continues with ​the Alvarez and Samuels families. I would read the first book of the series, Life’s Second Chances first as you will get a fuller picture of the world these characters live in. The story will grab you from the beginning and you will find yourself feeling so many emotions when you read it. It is well written with loads of drama that will keep you guessing until the very end. The plot is not revealed all at once but is fed to you bit by bit to keep you hooked. Anne’s characters are loveable and easy to relate to. The are a family that is so genuine that you soon find yourself wanting to get involved in their lives.

Kelly Samuels loves her job as a tester for a software company but her dreams have just come crashing down. She needs to get out of there, she needs to be safe and the only place she can do that is with family. Kelly is home but has not revealed everything that has happened to her family, she is not the girl they have all known and loved. She feels like a failure and does not want to face all that has happened to her. Her family know there is something going on but find themselves running into roadblocks every time they confront her. What has Kelly running scared? Will she reveal the truth behind all that has happened? Will she trust enough to let others help her? Will she ever be whole again?   Alec Alvarez is a confirmed bachelor, he is happy with his busy life as a doctor and loves his family something fierce but there is more to this beautiful woman and something about her that calls out to his protective nature. Alec can see there is much, much more to the story than is being told but he doesn’t want to push. He wants to be there and help her through whatever has her running, whatever has her scared. Whatever the secret she is hiding it is eating her up from the inside out and he feels helpless. When they finally learn the truth will it be too late to save her? Will hearts be broken before they really begin? Will he be the one to save her?   All in all though this is a sweet romance and the men are the sort you only dream about and want to take home to mum. It is sad to see such a strong beautiful woman become a shell of herself but come through it with the love of her family and her sexy, strong and supporting man.

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