Inevitably Yours (Imagine Ink, #4) by Verlene Landon – Review by Angela Shirley

Inevitably Yours (Imagine Ink, #4)Inevitably Yours by Verlene Landon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Inevitably yours is a story of Augusta and John, will their friendship develop into more or will the fact Augusta is pregnant with another man’s child will this stop John from pursuing her.

Augusta is a woman with a heart of gold, so when she offers to become a surrogate for her friends who were finding it hard to find someone will this decision threaten her relationship with her best friend. So as the pregnancy goes on she becomes more agitated that she has to give up her beloved coffee and that she is now unable to see her feet.

John has always had feelings for his best friend Gus, now that she pregnant it brings back memories for John who has tried to bury his past. He has carefully built up walls around his heart but will his attraction win out.

As the story goes through you get to meet the rest of the characters in the story who you feel the emotion that they are all a family and are loyal to each other. Augusta is a great character and I would her to be in my corner, she is so kind hearted and is not at all privileged. John is the alpha but get to see his softer side when it comes to Augusta and the attraction he has for her, although he is not bothered with the age gap but his history may be the blocker.

I enjoyed the story of these two people and I loved the family feel of the book. This is the first book I have read by this author and I loved the story telling and the characters are rich and full of life. I would recommend this book to others and although it’s the fourth book in a series I read this book as a stand-alone.

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