Chains (Bound #1)- Perception #6 by Shandi Boyes – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

Chains (Bound #1) - Perception #6Chains (Bound #1) – Perception #6 by Shandi Boyes
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Chains of life by Shandi Boyes is another book by this amazing author that WILL not disappoint! I waited patiently for this book and was able to sit down for day and finish! The characters, the writing style, the storyline had me from page one and this book just sticks into my heart as others by this amazing author. She created Cleo and Marcus, two dynamic main characters that you will simply want to know what happens with them! But who can’t help but love the new and upcoming band member and love the lady that falls for him. I am a complete sucker for rocker books!
Cloe has had a hard few years but when given the chance to excel within her position at work she jumps at the chance. She is now investigate the BDSM called Chains. By accident she meets the owner who takes her on the tour of his own office and private playroom. She cannot wrap her mind around being scared of turned on. She and Master chains are able to chat a lot on the clubs web page features and for a few weeks they are able to get close. Once they decide to meet and unmask each other, what will happen??

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