Eternal Bloom (Bloom Duet Book 2) by A.E Gamrat – Review by Lisette Gonzalez

Eternal BloomEternal Bloom by A.E. Gamrat
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eternal Bloom (Bloom Duet Book 2)
By A.E. Gamrat
4 Stars

Eternal Bloom by A.E Gamrat is the second installment of the Bloom Duet. This books starts where book 1 left off. I recommend reading New Bloom so you can get the background on the main character. Gwen’s mother was admitted to the hospital and she is dealing with the possibility of her mother not able to fully recover. Gwen’s life seems to be going downhill and losing grip. She also fears that her relationship with Kame will also fail due to her mother’s health and also the fact that her mother was not fond of Kame. He is has communication issues and seems to be hiding something. This story concentrates more on Gwen’s relationship with her mother and her inner turmoil dealing with her current situation in her life. Gwen’s grows a lot within the second book and is much stronger compared to the first book. I truly enjoyed this book duet and recommend to any that enjoys YA and Coming of Age books. I am pretty sure there are plenty of readers that can relate to Gwen’s story.

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