Honey Gold (Murder in Savannah, #2) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Shannon Fowler

Honey Gold (Murder in Savannah, #2)Honey Gold by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ohhh how the plot thickens with book 2! You must read book one, Emerald Green, to be able to follow the adventure. Honey Gold continues where Emerald Green left off. Sneaky, slimy bad guys, dead bodies, and oh man that necklace! What can Addie and Tom do! Honestly I would have been happy if Addie had smashed it into a million pieces!

Lindsay Marie Miller pulls you into this crazy world with characters you want to just hug and some you just want to kill…again. We are lead to believe many things during this portion of the series. It seems like Tom and Addie have figured out how to be together…but then Miller gives them something else to worry about. Oh how I love Eric and Jeanine! Of course if it is too good to be true then it probably isn’t. Miller doesn’t want any of these characters to have an easy time! Eric and Jeanine have so much to work through, I think even more than Addie and Tom!

There did seem like a few gaps in the story. For example, during their time at the beach house. I felt like Tom and Addie were only there for the necklace. Didn’t anything else happen there? I believe this story could have used a little more romance and the beach house would have been a perfect place for a little more loving…but then I remember that Addie, Tom, Eric, Jeanine and many other characters in this series are just 15-17 years old. While, yes they are experiencing true love, first love and even an intense kind of love, they are still just teenagers.

I am looking forward to reading what Miller has in store for this group of young people. Will the necklace be the end all? Will there ever be a happy ending!?

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