The Longer We Dwell by D.L. Pitchford – Review by Carrie Reed

The Longer We Dwell (Billie Dixon, #2)The Longer We Dwell by D.L. Pitchford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Longer We Dwell by D.L. Pitchford is a fantastic, 5-star second book for the Billie Dixon series. More of Billie’s story and life are revealed and the characters are even more relatable and explained.

Billie in the second book really made me so mad! There were so many times I wanted to smack her to wake up and come to her senses. I can understand why she is acting the way she is, due to her past demons, but even with going to her therapist it seems like she isn’t improving at all.

Imogen, Billie’s sister, also gets on my nerves in this book. I know she is just concerned for her sister, as she had to grow up fast and look after her mom and Billie, but the way she over reacts to the whole wedding for her mom is too much. I kind of think maybe she lashes out because she is just overwhelmed and done with being the responsible one.

I love Xander! I think he is a fantastic character. I love that he loves Billie so much, and in this book, you can really tell his feelings for Billie. I was super excited when Billie finally accepts and gives in to her feelings for Xander, but was left disappointed when she gets in the way of her own love.

The secondary characters such as Dahlia and Brent are kind of shady to me. The way Dahlia comes off seems like she is kind of in love with Billie herself and doesn’t want Xander to come in between their relationship. She just seems like a really controlling kind of friend. Brent comes off as a nice guy at first but later in the book he seems to be the type that would treat Billie like her first boyfriend Zane treated her.

Overall this is a great second book, there was a lot of drama and a more in depth look into Billie’s mind. I am so excited and looking forward to the next book in this series. I am hoping for good things, because I do want to see Billie finally overcome all her demons and fears, and I hope to see her and Xander happy.

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