Blindsided by T. Christensen

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Blindsided by T. Christensen
Genre – Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

My high school experience is nothing like I’d imagined.
Brock had been my best friend since we were four years old. We were inseparable. Or so I thought. In our early teens, our friendship started to feel like something more, something I desperately wanted.
Then I was betrayed by him, along with Victoria, the girl who had made our duo into a trio. Blindsided by the accusation that I was a traitor. Bullied and ostracized for three years, all for something I never did.
All I want to do is keep my head down and make it through senior year. I miss Brock every day, even though he has made my high school days miserable. Unlike him, I can’t just forget our past, or the bond we had. And even after three years, no guy has ever made me feel the way he did.
When Rylan arrives and becomes the new star of the football team, I finally find myself with a friend and ally. Through him, I see glimpses of my former best friend. The more I soften toward Brock, the more confused I become. My head is screaming at me to stay away, but my heart still wants him. Which one do I trust? And will I live to regret it?


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T. Christensen has been addicted to reading ever since she read her first romance book in middle school. When different characters and scenes started invading her brain she would write them down and put it away. Gradually she took the steps to give them a beginning, middle, and a happily ever after. It has been a long time dream to have her stories published.has been a lifelong resident of South Dakota. Occasionally she ventures out, but being at home, with her family, is always the best place to be. Reading a romance novel is still the best reward at the end of the day.

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