Brave (The Sisterhood Series) by Chelsi Arnold – Review by Sue Kemp

Brave (The Sisterhood Series Book 1)Brave by Chelsi Arnold
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brave (The Sisterhood Series book 1)
By Chelsi Arnold

What can I say but I am glad to have read this book. Its well worth the five-star rating I have given it. Brave is book one in Chelsi Arnolds The Sisterhood Series and I am looking forward to reading further into the series. For a change we have a book about women in the services and not it makes a lovely change. This book is written from the year 2023 when a young lady by the name of Greer gets drafted and must prove that she is as good as the men. Its also about a group of women must learn not only to be part of the team but learn what it is to be part of a sisterhood and have the other girl backs always. All the girls in the sisterhood come with their own background history but have one thing in common, and that’s to prove they are good at what they are training to be. When the Seals have been men orientated for a long time the girls have more to prove than they think, and I can tell you they aren’t going down without a fight, proving to the men they can do just as good. This book is written from a woman’s perspective which is great, and it shows us that if we really want to achieve something we can, if we put the time and effort into it. This book flowed so well and was written equally well.

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