Looking For Trouble: Rogue Series Extra by Lara Ward Cosio – Review by Tracy Manderson

Looking For Trouble: Rogue Series ExtraLooking For Trouble: Rogue Series Extra by Lara Ward Cosio
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Looking For Trouble: Rogue Series Extra by Lara Ward Cosio
5 out of 5 stars

Looking for Trouble in the Rogue Series is Book 5 written by Lara Ward Cosio is the fifth book in her Rogue series. I highly suggest reading the previous books in this series to help you enhance this series and give you some background information on the characters. We even see what our favorite couple from the first 4 books are up too. Ms. Cosio’s writing skills has the ability to pull me into her story with ease. I have enjoyed all the characters in this series and Danny Boy is no different. I loved how the characters played off of each other and their quirky ways. They all took me on an emotional roller coaster ride were one minute you could cry the next you could be laughing . This has been an enjoyable series and this story just adds to it.
His name is Danny Boy that’s all he has ever been called. No surname needed. Even though Shay Donnelly, the drummer for Rogue, is his baby brother, everyone in the whole of Dublin hell, maybe even all of Ireland knows him as Danny Boy. Danny Boy has made a total mess of his life. He has burned bridges, lied, mostly to himself and Shay, now he is finally, he is drug-free and the struggle is painfully real.
Ms. Amelia Patterson, is his therapist extraordinaire, and thinks it’s time I go back to formalities. She says it’s only right now that I’m closing in on forty years of age and am trying to improve myself. But I have no illusions over the ways in which I’ve manipulated and hurt others just to get by, but something has changed.
So, he will keep going to the sessions, both to please my brother, and because I’ll need them more than I know. Especially once she enters my life and not only tests everything I’ve fought for, but threatens Rogue by stirring up the past.
It won’t be easy my life never is but now I’ve got a dog named Roscoe, a therapist named Ms. Patterson, and an unfamiliar, but welcome, new band of brothers backing me. All I need to do is stop looking for trouble.
I highly recommend this book/series…

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