Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding by Lita Lawson – Review by Angela Hayes.

Kentucky Bluegrass WeddingKentucky Bluegrass Wedding by Lita Lawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding is a companion novella to “Foolish Gamble”, the first book in the Classic Romance Series by Lita Lawson. It is a contemporary romance that continues the story of Cassi and Austin, who we met in “Foolish Gamble”.
With a wedding on the horizon, Cassi and Austin are set to take their relationship to the next level, but are all their plans about to be hijacked by his Momzilla? Where will this leave them? Will they make it down the aisle, or will their dreams be snatched away?
If you haven’t read “Foolish Gamble” yet I strongly recommend that you do, as it introduces these wonderful characters and their incredibly romantic story, which will help you have the best possible reading experience of this book- and not to mention that it is a brilliant 5 Star read. Foolish Gamble had a real heart and soul that Ms. Lita was able to recapture in this story. It’s very enjoyable and had me completely engrossed. Her skilled word craft made the storyline and all the characters come to life. I enjoyed revisiting some favourite characters and seeing what has happened since I ‘saw’ them last.
If you are looking for a light, feel good romance that has just the right amount of drama and tension to hook you; then this is definitely the one for you!
And, how gorgeous is that cover!

Thank you, Ms. Lawson!

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