I Can Kill by Angela Kay – Review by Angela Hayes

5 Stars


I Can Kill is a brilliant thriller by Angela Kay. The intense psychological aspects of this story are superb, I was completely gripped by the storyline, on the edge of my seat, heart palpitating and reading as quickly as my eyes would allow, to find out how it all plays out. There are thrills and chills galore in this unsettling, somewhat dark and violent story. The attention to detail and overall production is one of the best serial killer stories that I’ve read this year. This may be the first book of Ms. Kays that I have read, but it certainly won’t be the last- I really can’t wait to dive into some more of her work, because this author certainly knows how to write a superb story!

The story is told from several points of view, which really helps to give a well-rounded, fully balanced, and close-up account- which paints a much bigger and more detailed picture for us to enjoy. The mystery in this book has my mind reeling with possibilities, I had several scenarios running through my head as I looked for clues and tried to piece everything together. But, Ms. Kay really made this quite an unpredictable story to unravel, and the ending was both surprising and incredibly satisfying.

I loved the characters- they really were very cleverly crafted- with their own quirks, flaws and fully realised personalities. They were very believable and entirely realistic. Aiden and Shaun were fantastic work partners, who made the ‘investigation’ all the more interesting. Cheyenne and Aiden were great together and I loved how the author portrayed how the pressure and stress of Aiden’s work took a toll on their relationship- it made them more relatable and likeable. Aiden and Shaun are pitted against a cunning, careful, meticulous, confident, and sadistic killer in a chilling and dangerous game of cat and mouse. The killer singles out Aiden and taunts him in many ways, at every opportunity. It is a real game of wits- but with an end game that has deadly consequences. Will Aiden and Shaun be able to figure it out before it’s too late? And if they do- at what cost? You really need to read this brilliant thriller and discover all the chilling details for yourself- you really won’t regret it!

The ending leaves a small opening for more of Aiden vs. the Carnation Killer- which I really hope the author will use to give us another thrilling tale. But the prospect of Shaun and Laura to have their own story is also an exciting prospect for me. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Kay does next!



Thank you, Ms. Kay!

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