Primal Will (Alterations Series Book #3) by Jane Suen – Review by Angela Hayes

4 Stars


Primal Will is the third and final book in the Alterations series by Jane Suen. This has been such a great series to read- packing such a lot into a fairly short space. I am a little sad to say goodbye to these characters, and the intriguing story that was woven around them. But, I think that there was a detail that was not yet settled- so I am hoping that this may because Ms. Suen plans to release more books that will explore this, as in a spin-off series or in a companion book series… I am holding out hope. This is a fast paced read that is full of intrigue, suspense, drama, some mystery, great character development, and a gripping storyline.

We pick up with Ellen, Gigi, Lilly, and Dr. Kite again- and I have to say that Ms. Suen did a fantastic job of choreographing all the elements from the first two books, to finally culminate in this book- without losing any of the momentum, suspense, grittiness- or the unpredictable nature of the story. She still managed to surprise me with the developments. What will the future hold for them all? Will they finally find the happiness that they’ve each been searching for? What of Dr. Kite and his ‘experiments’?

A unique and intriguing story/series- and I look forward to seeing what Ms. Suen does next.


Thank you, Ms. Suen!

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