Tightrope Book 1 by Maddie Wade – Review by Jana Teppih

Tightrope Book 1Tightrope Book 1 by Maddie Wade
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Maddie Wade has given us a gift – Tightrope – and she is leaving us hanging, with an epic cliffhanger!!! Please, for your own sake, get BOTH of the stories at the same time as you will need it! (I had the second book waiting when I started on the first one!) I fell in love with Maddie’s writing when I discovered her Fortis series and she has simply taken it up a notch in this Tightrope series/duet (well, you can see how I hope there will be a spin-off, another story, something….)
In this first book we get introduced to Dean and Lexi who are married but the marriage is no longer what it used to be … Dean is no longer what he used to be … and Lexi, she comes to the point when she needs to take a deep look inside and decide whether she will stay faithful to the memory of the man her husband used to be or will she need to rethink it all and take what she needs …
The story is told from two points of views and it makes it especially heart breaking and it takes us on such a crazy rollercoaster ending with a … cliffhanger …
I will leave you with the opening words of the story as they tell you everything you need to know to make yourself to pick up a copy:
“God will only give you what you can handle, or so they say! If that was the case, God in all his infinite wisdom must have thought I was a complete badass. That, or he had a piss poor sense of humour.”

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