Truth Seer (Truth Seer Trilogy) by Kay L Moody – Review by Cynthia Ayala

Truth Seer (Truth Seer Trilogy Book 1)Truth Seer by Kay L Moody
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A strong beginning to a series does a lot of analyzing through a strong narrative. Imara is a strong character because she can see the truth, but the truth is always in the eye of the beholder. And the world isn’t all black and white. The concept and narrative are interesting in that respect because the novel incorporates colors to reflect truth. This makes the novel interesting because often times the world is thought of in black and white when it’s not and just because someone lies doesn’t mean it’s bad. Many of the characters reflect this concept, creating conflict and tension and showing many levels of right versus wrong. It’s a great analytical piece because it explores the facets of what it means to be human. The world functions in the now, and people’s intentions, and emotions shift. This novel capitalizes on that and through Imara, the readers sees that vividly. This is a skill and a challenge for Imara because she sees truth versus like but not intention. White lies don’t mean the same thing to her as they do to others, a lie is a lie and in her opinion making her a very blunt character. She’s harsh and cold but not in an off-putting way. She’s blunt and hard because the world she sees while colorful is filtered by a façade. It’s a challenge for her which ultimately makes her likeable, but doesn’t limit her character development.

That’s part of what makes this novel special. The world is a complicated place, and while Imara’s vision would seem to make it less complicated it doesn’t. Her is so gray that the colors blind her from actually seeing intention. Ultimately this allows her to grow because she learns that not everything is black and white that people are defined more by their actions than anything else. This opens up a whole new world for her.

Overall the pace of the novel is slow. This group of friends is trying to navigate through catacombs filled with traps, but that is the entire novel nothing more happens story wise. So after a while it starts to feel like more of the same and really the only captivating part is the use of color and character development. Theirs lots of tension between the characters because of Imara’s ability which is ultimately the driving point of the novel.

Truth Seer is an interesting beginning to a new series despite it’s overall lack of plot development and slow pace because either offers insight into the human psyche.

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