Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1) by Kay L Moody – Review by Heather Lovelace

Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria 1)Ice Crown by Kay L Moody
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I. Loved. This. Book!!!

I found this book to be just what I needed. It was action packed and just the right combination of fantasy and fairy tale and strong heroine and dystopian-esque flavor… I simply found the page count not to be reflective of how much content I found. I was glued to my seat from beginning to end. Cannot wait to continue reading this series!

Reviewed by @heatherlovelace
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Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1) by Kay L Moody – Review by Emily Walsh

Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria 1)Ice Crown
By: Kay L Moody
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria 1) by Kay L. Moody was a unique read that hooked me from start to finish.

Oh wow, this book was something else I tell you. It was pulling, detailed and gripping. I got sucked in right away and before I knew it, this little wonder was over. I like it when these short reads capture you like that. No detail was spared, the pacing was great, and the characters were both well developed and compelling. This book packs a wallop, and I can’t wait to dive further into this new world. As this wasn’t my first read by this author, I knew that it was going to be something, not only different, but specially unique. The author has taken a matter I very much like, and has created something fresh, heart pounding and just worth your while to read.

This book has so much, it’s perfect for almost anyone, and I’m giving this book my super high recommendation and my golden stamp of approval. Take a chance on this book, you will no regret it.

Happy Reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1) by Kay L Moody – Review by Lisa Helmick

Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria 1)Ice Crown by Kay L Moody
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this story! It had me riveted from the beginning! I didn’t even realize that I was at the end of the book until…it happened! This is a short story but man it packs a punch! I loved the idea of shaping the elements. Very cool!
This is told from Talise’s POV. So we get to see her thoughts and designs when she enters this new city. She is from the lowest of the low cities and if she can become a Master Shaper she can finally leave her poverty ridden home.

This is not my first book by this author. Although I like this one the best so far! This story drew me and and before i knew it I couldn’t believe I was at the end of the book. I want more!
My only sadness is that it didn’t end with the competition. That would be a good break then the next story could have moved on from there. I feel kind of incomplete with the ending. Wind Crown….hurry up and get here.

P.S. Beautiful Cover!

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Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1) by Kay L Moody – Review by Bobbi Wagner

Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria 1)Ice Crown by Kay L Moody
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a short story that I enjoyed from the beginning and kept me engaged to the end. It is a creative, fast paced story about Talise. She wants a better life, in order to do that she needs to win a competition first. Problem is she is not the only one out to win plus she may have a reason to leave the competition. What will she do? She is a strong character, I enjoyed watching her grow throughout. A well written story with a great world building plot, I highly recommend this book.

Review by @bjwagner
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Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1) By Kay L. Moody – Review by Laura Furuta

Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria 1)Ice Crown by Kay L Moody
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1)
By: Kay L. Moody
5 out of 5 stars

The story Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1) by Kay L. Moody is a YA/fantasy book. It is a story that hooks you in from the beginning and that I didn’t want to put it down until I had finished. I loved reading about the character of Talise. She is truly a gifted and talented girl. She can manipulate the elements. She has a chance at a better life as a Master Shaper, rather than one where death is a constant in the Storm. She finds herself in competition with another student, Aaden. What will happen when a loved one causes Talise to have to choose between her past and her future? I loved reading about how both Aaden and Talise use their talents. The story is detailed, and I found myself feeling like I was right there with the characters. There are a few other characters that are introduced and enjoyed reading about. There are times when the book is suspenseful. It is a story I would recommend reading.

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Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1) by Kay L Moody

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Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1) by Kay L Moody


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Genre – Young Adult Fantasy

Page Count – 140 Pages

Cover Designer – germancreative from fiverr

Publishing Company – Marten Press

Goodreads –

Talise must prepare for a competition that takes place at the end of her training years. If she wins, she would live in the palace, work for the emperor, and escape her inevitable death in the Storm. But she’s not the only talented student who wants to win. Complicating matters, her loved one in the Storm gives her reason to abandon the competition altogether, forcing her to make an impossible choice. Torn between duty and freedom, she must learn that clinging to the past might destroy her future.


Kay L Moody is proud to be a young adult fantasy author. Her books feature exciting plots with a few magical elements. They have lots of adventure, compelling characters, and sweet romantic sub-plots. Most of her books have a dystopian flair. They include a variety of technology levels and lots of diversity.


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Truth Seer (Truth Seer Trilogy Book 1) by Kay L. Moody – Review by Jenni Bishop

Truth Seer (Truth Seer Trilogy Book 1)Truth Seer by Kay L Moody
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Truth Seer (Truth Seer Trilogy Book 1) by Kay L. Moody is a y​oung adult sci fi, action, adventure, fantasy story and ​is an interesting read. When you live in a world that is full of people who have different talents and you thought you knew truth from lies, but what happens when it turns out it is not always as it seems. Everyone’s version of the truth may be truth to them but not to you. Someone’s version of the truth is a way to make others feel better. In the midst of fear and the unknown sometimes you start to see what has always been there, you just never stopped to really look. The premise of the story is original and Kay’s narrative is very descriptive of the world in which she has created but for all that I felt it was lacking in exposing the full potential of the characters growth and their gifts but this didn’t detract from the overall story line which kept you engaged.

An interesting start to the series

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Truth Seer (Truth Seer Trilogy Book #1) Kay L. Moody – Review by Angela Hayes

4 Stars


Truth Seer is the first book in the Truth Seer Trilogy and debut novel by Kay L. Moody. This is a young adult sci-fi novel, with fantasy, action, adventure, kidnapping, terrorists, danger, traps, discoveries, secrets, super-powers, futuristic, obstacles, drama, and life changing situations.

The story is set 103 years into the future- where humans have developed interesting abilities. The world building in the story was particularly good, laying a solid foundation on which to build this imaginative tale. Ms. Moody has produced and original, descriptive and detail-oriented tale that held my attention, gave me pause, and made me think.

When I first read the premise, I had initially thought having the ability to see the truth in people/situations, would be a really great thing to be able to do- but over the course of the story, I decided that maybe it would be more of a burden than a gift.

All the characters are well crafted, but I feel that they weren’t really put through ‘their pace’ or really ‘tested’ much at all- and therefore not given the opportunity to really develop and grow as the story evolved… but, this is the first book in a trilogy so maybe there is more development to come in the other book/s.

I enjoyed the book, but did notice a few ‘teething problems’, and there was a lot of ‘telling’, instead of ‘showing’. But, again these didn’t detract from the overall storyline and I imagine that these minor issues will be ironed out come the next instalment/s.

I look forward to exploring the rest of this series!


Thank you, Ms. Moody!

Truth Seer (Truth Seer Trilogy) by Kay L Moody – Review by Cynthia Ayala

Truth Seer (Truth Seer Trilogy Book 1)Truth Seer by Kay L Moody
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A strong beginning to a series does a lot of analyzing through a strong narrative. Imara is a strong character because she can see the truth, but the truth is always in the eye of the beholder. And the world isn’t all black and white. The concept and narrative are interesting in that respect because the novel incorporates colors to reflect truth. This makes the novel interesting because often times the world is thought of in black and white when it’s not and just because someone lies doesn’t mean it’s bad. Many of the characters reflect this concept, creating conflict and tension and showing many levels of right versus wrong. It’s a great analytical piece because it explores the facets of what it means to be human. The world functions in the now, and people’s intentions, and emotions shift. This novel capitalizes on that and through Imara, the readers sees that vividly. This is a skill and a challenge for Imara because she sees truth versus like but not intention. White lies don’t mean the same thing to her as they do to others, a lie is a lie and in her opinion making her a very blunt character. She’s harsh and cold but not in an off-putting way. She’s blunt and hard because the world she sees while colorful is filtered by a façade. It’s a challenge for her which ultimately makes her likeable, but doesn’t limit her character development.

That’s part of what makes this novel special. The world is a complicated place, and while Imara’s vision would seem to make it less complicated it doesn’t. Her is so gray that the colors blind her from actually seeing intention. Ultimately this allows her to grow because she learns that not everything is black and white that people are defined more by their actions than anything else. This opens up a whole new world for her.

Overall the pace of the novel is slow. This group of friends is trying to navigate through catacombs filled with traps, but that is the entire novel nothing more happens story wise. So after a while it starts to feel like more of the same and really the only captivating part is the use of color and character development. Theirs lots of tension between the characters because of Imara’s ability which is ultimately the driving point of the novel.

Truth Seer is an interesting beginning to a new series despite it’s overall lack of plot development and slow pace because either offers insight into the human psyche.

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