Charlotte: Dr. Richard’s Littles #7 by Pepper North – Review by Julie Lounello

Charlotte: Dr. Richards' Littles 7Charlotte: Dr. Richards’ Littles 7 by Pepper North
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Charlotte by Pepper North is a four star novel. It is the seventh book in the Dr. Richard’s Littles series. I have not read anything pertaining to this topic before so I was a little skeptical at first. Please beware, this series centers around age play and all that entails. If that makes you uncomfortable, please put this book down. I did enjoy this book because even though it was about age play, it also had a story line about a young girl trying to find her way after she ages out of foster care. She has a degree, thanks to a scholarship program for kids like her, but she hasn’t yet been able to find a job. Then she meets Benton Gordon who owns Gordon’s, a store who specializes in items for people who are in age play relationships. She doesn’t find it weird or disturbing at all. As he gets to know her, he realizes he feels the need to take care of her and make her his little. Because of her life growing up being so unstable, she is willing to give it a try and let him take care of her.

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