Georgia Clay (Southern Promises #1) by K.G. Fletcher – Review by Denise Owens

Georgia Clay (Southern Promises, #1)Georgia Clay by K.G. Fletcher
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Georgia Clay is the first book in the Southern Promises series by KG Fletcher, and it is a contemporary romance novel. The story is about a young woman whose name is Katie Parker, and a young man whose name is Clay Watkins. The two reunite unexpectedly at their high school 10 year class reunion which is held in Atlanta, Georgia, when Katie literally runs into Clay when she is coming out of the restroom. Katie is an insurance executive and she works late almost every day, and on weekends and holidays, and she hasn’t taken a vacation day in years because she really loves her job. Clay is now known as “Georgia Clay” Watkins because he now lives and works in Nashville as a song writer, and he has written many hit songs for some famous country music artists. Clay has also won a Grammy Award for one of his songs, as well as several different country music awards.

When Clay and Katie look up after their unexpected run in, they appear to be happy to see each other. Clay has had a huge crush on Katie since their senior year in high school because she was one of the few people who were kind and welcoming to him, since it was his first year at the school. Katie remembers Clay as a shy and quiet guy, who was kind of tall and skinny. But she also remembers that at the high school talent show held in the spring, that Clay got up on the stage and blew her and everyone away with his amazing singing voice.

After they recognize each other in the hall of the hotel where the reunion is being held, Clay asks Katie if he can buy her a drink and they head to the bar. Katie cannot believe how much Clay has changed, since he is now broad shouldered, muscular, and very good looking. Clay thinks that Katie is even more beautiful than she was in high school. They decide to leave the reunion to go get something to eat, and end up getting fast food and eating in the back of Clay’s pick-up truck. Clay and Katie are not big talkers, but Katie is impressed by the fact that Clay is a true southern gentleman. He drives them to a secluded spot down near the river that Katie has never seen before, and they end up having a romantic evening together, and Clay even gets up the nerve to kiss Katie. They end up talking and kissing until the middle of the night, and then fall asleep in each other’s arms, waking up early to catch the beautiful sunrise. The couple end up spending the whole day together, until Clay has to leave to drive back to Nashville. Will they end up seeing each other again since they now live four hours away from one another?

I really liked this book by KG Fletcher. I love how she helps us to get to know these main characters on an intimate level, helping the reader to see what good people they are, and pulling for them to get together. I also enjoyed the other characters that we meet along the way. You can tell that Ms. Fletcher knows Nashville and Atlanta, describing these places in great detail through out the book, which helps the reader to see these places in our minds. This is a wonderful romance novel that I loved reading and I am looking forward to reading the second book in this series.

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