Hopelessly Devoted (Bayou Devils MC #1) By A.M. Myers ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

Hopelessly Devoted (Bayou Devils MC 1)Hopelessly Devoted by A.M. Myers
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Hopelessly Devoted was a great kickoff to what I imagine will be a wonderful MC series from AM Myers. I usually fall quickly for MC series, often intrigued with the dark and twisted mixed with kind and sweet souls. The concept makes for some great storyline opportunities! Myers pulls out all the stops with this one and weaves the perfect amounts of dark and twisty with sultry, sorrowful, and sappiness within the story of Allison James and Logan Chambers, well Storm.

I loved Allison. She is feeling strong in her role as a columnist. Even more so she is using her strength to embrace her independence because she is so over the dating scene. She would rather live a lifetime alone than deal with the heartache of another brutal breakup. She has been there, done that a few too many times. This is until she meets the brooding and handsome Storm. Suddenly, all of her good intentions are out the door and her heart decides to take a leap of faith just one last time.

Storm used to serve in the military and sub sequentially suffered a great loss. The hole he felt and lack of family and love he sought was soon fulfilled when he joined the MC. This particular MC’s cause to help women in dire need fulfills an even deeper desire within him. He is a good soul but he is deeply guarded and doesn’t take to people outside of his MC family easily, actually not at all it would seem. When he first meets Allison he wants to say no out of respect at the very least, but he can’t deny the sexual tension looming between them. And she clearly doesn’t lack the desire to give the idea a go.

The chemistry between these two was insatiable to say the least! Several times I caught myself trying to cool the blush off of my face with my hand as I read. They both faced some very realistic struggles that often go undiscussed because no one wants to talk about the ‘ugly truths’. I enjoyed how each of their stories turned out to unfold and blended into the current and what possibilities may lie ahead for these two. I look forward to book two in the series, Addicted to Love.

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