Just Exes By Charity Ferrell – Review By Michelle Mulvey

Just ExesJust Exes by Charity Ferrell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just Exes by Charity Ferrell was a great, steamy, emotional read about second chances. When I say emotional, I don’t think you understand just how emotional it gets.

I have never read a book by Charity before and I have to say, this is probably one of my top 10 reads of 2018. The characters are just amazing. Gage and Lauren have loved eachother their whole lives. One day instead of Lauren and Gage going away to college she literally breaks his heart when she breaks up with him without giving him a reason.

Gage Perry decides to move to Chicago and work on the police force there. Then after some more heart break he moves back home to Blue Beech and ends up being the arresting officer who is called when Lauren Barnes is accused of setting her apartment on fire.

Gage honestly HATES Lauren for what she did to him all those years ago but, she is also the only one he ever loved.

Gage and Lauren see a lot of eachother in the upcoming months. They even try to be “friends” but there are way to many secrets between them. Between his past in Chicago and her reasons for why she broke up with him. The chances of them being friends is very slim. The two of them are still in love with eachother but they have major problems.

Amazing 5 Star read!

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