My Fake Vegas Boyfriend (Viva Las Vegas Book 1) by Lori Sizemore ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

My Fake Vegas Boyfriend (Viva Las Vegas Book 1)My Fake Vegas Boyfriend by Lori Sizemore
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Oh Mylanta! I hit the jackpot with this novel from Lori Sizemore! Not only do I now have a new author to love and obsess over, binge read, and stalk, but I now have a new favorite top five rom-com read of 2018! That gorgeous eye-popping cover drew me in before I even got swept away by the blurb. It was an instant one-click impulse buy, kind of like that gamble impulse you get at the slots in Vegas. From page one I was hooked and the rush was steady until the very end.

Everyone, well for most of us, has parents that want only the absolute best for us, everything that they had and all the things they wish they could have had. Layla Rosas’s father is no different. Except in the era, the 1950’s, he is reasonable in expecting his daughter to find her soulmate and find her pleasure in pleasing her husband and future children by meeting their needs. Basically being that perfect housewife. I was envisioning that picture-perfect barefoot and pregnant woman with the perfectly browned turkey, steam rising from it, in the pan in her gloved hands and the bright cherry smile on her face with the seamless makeup and the perfect coiffed curls. The cover model for Better Home and Gardens in 1958. Anyways, Layla is far from this picture perfect gal. In fact the picture she has is what will get her in the situation that brings Jace Russell into her life. This picture and her fear of being institutionalized for her behavior leads her to take drastic measures. What will happen when fate decides to throw its hands into the equation as well? Is there a chance that everyone will get a bit more than they all wagered for?

I had such a good time reading this novel. I found myself laughing out loud several different times until it hurt. I needed a great feel good story and something light hearted. For me it was one of those great rainy day reads that I curled up in my cozy spot with some hot tea and a warm blanket with. I promptly bought the paperback after I finished the ebook so that I could pick it up and reread it in the future and enjoy the visual view in for many years to come. Now on to find out what happens next in the Viva Las Vegas Series, My Big Fat Vegas Wedding. I’m just super excited it is already available to read now! Happy reading!

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