Uncommon Sacrifice (War Girls Book 6) by Marion Kummerow – Review by Liz Vrchota

Uncommon Sacrifice (War Girls Book 6)Uncommon Sacrifice by Marion Kummerow
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This was a sensational tear-jerker of a novel from Marion Kummerow. I have never read anything from her before, but this will not be my last that is a promise! Given that this is the sixth book in the War Girls series, it did not affect my ability to enjoy it, but book one, War Girl Ursula, will be the starting point for me to begin devouring her other available novels. She also has non-fiction works available, if that is your cup of tea. I personally have been a huge fan of literature that has been centered on the WWII era since my middle school days, and this book happened to touch on that exactly, so immediately I was sold. I also knew I would be very much in need of the tissues by the end of the novel, which I did very much, so fair warning.

Peter is living in the worst of all hells on Earth. His days are spent dreaming of how to get out of the Nazi prison camp he calls home. One day all those dreams become possible when his wife coordinates an escape plan for him. There is one major hitch in the plan though. Peter’s brother. His brother is injured and already solely relying on his family to simply get through each day and the simplest of tasks. He will have to leave him behind. Can he sacrifice the life of his brother for his freedom? Is it worth it to simply prolong his brother’s life just a little bit? Death is certain for everyone eventually. Right? What would you do if you were forced to make a decision like this?

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