Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers) by Lee Kilraine ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers, #2)Give and Take by Lee Kilraine
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“Six Brothers Construction was built to reunite a family and heal a painful past. So far it’s opened to rave reviews. But the youngest sibling is about to discover that the right woman can shake eve a rock-solid foundations…”

This was my first time reading anything from Lee Kilraine. Now this is the second book in a series, The Thorne Brothers to be exact, but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment of this one that I had not read the first. I will be going back to do so now that I know about it and have enjoyed this one so much. There was a wonderful flow to the writing banter that went back and forth between our two main characters that I just couldn’t get enough of. I hope to find more of that in future couples to come as well.

In this novel we get the story of Wyatt Thorne. He hasn’t had things so easy. In fact he had an extremely traumatic childhood. This led him to live a speechless few years until he was about six. From that age he found the peace he needed in creativity. In creating things with his hands. The solitude it provided him allowed him to come out of his shell just enough to blend into the world, and start a successful business.

“Fun? Thank you, Wyatt? No. I didn’t sign up for this. It was bad enough we had to use my office for meetings, but this- this sharing an office with a talking rainbow… no.”

Wyatt’s complex but in place life is blown upside down when Rhia Hollis sweeps into it. Fate and his older brother Beckett has decided to put her in his path and he has to figure out exactly what he is going to do now. She is the complete opposite of him; loud and boisterous, and worst of all she never stops talking! The one thing they do have in common is their creativity. Rhia is a party planner and starting up her party planning business.

“Seize the day.”

So if these two are such opposites and forced to work in such close spaces for so much of their time what will happen? You do know what they say about opposites attract? For all those juicy details and more you will have to pick up this little gem for yourself and read for yourself…

“Then since you know more about me than I apparently know about myself… tell me, Rhia, what does feed my soul if not architecture?”

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