Love, Christmas – Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2) Anthology by Mimi Barbour – Review by Sue Kemp

Love, Christmas - Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2)Love, Christmas – Movies You Love by Mimi Barbour
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Love, Christmas – Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2) Anthology
By Mimi Barbour

Mimi Barbour, Leanne Banks, Joan Reeves, Mona Risk, Rebecca York. Jacquie Biggar, Alicia Street, Nancy Radke, Katy Walters, Stephanie Queen, Aileen Fish, Rachelle Ayala, Dani Haviland, Traci E. Hall, Taylor Lee, Donna Fasano, Cynthia Cooke, Susan Jean Ricci, Tamara Ferguson, Suzanne Jenkins, Natalie Ann, Ev Bishop, Allyson Bailey, Stacy Eaton, Jen Talty and Melinda De Ross.

Each story in these books have been inspired by the authors favourite Christmas movies. In total we have twenty-six wonderful stories to read. The five stories I have selected to review are for no other reason that I have not read anything by these authors before. All Stories in this Anthology deserve to be reviewed, I enjoyed all of them.

The Holiday (Christmas) by Nancy Radke
Jodie needed to get away for the holidays. She had left the job she loves because of a work colleague, thinking he would stop harassing her after she left, she was wrong as he turned up on her door step. So, in order to get away she did a house swap with Maureen. She was looking forward to getting to Maureen’s house, away from people and especially men. But arriving at Maureen’s house she found Stuart there. Not impressed she ordered him out of the house only to find he had an open invitation to be there. After she had found out her could be there she had to admit it was nice having him around. What was she thinking considering she wanted to be away from men? She was glad Stuart had to fix his boat, she was also hoping he would stay around a little longer.

A Christmas to Remember by Cynthia Cooke
Brianna years ago, had given Owen his ring back after deciding that he wasn’t what she wanted. She was now with Nolan, who she was planning on moving to Vegas to be with. Brianna and her mom ran a B&B which also catered for weddings, something they both liked doing. However, for the present wedding a storm was approaching and since the B&B was in the mountains Brianna decided to head to town and pick up the cake. But to her horror on the way home the car slid, and she was slightly injured, how ever the cake was wrecked. Now she had no cake for the wedding and came face to face with the man she had left years ago. What she couldn’t work out was after the way she had left him how could he still have an effect on her she didn’t expect. So, the question is, will she stay on the mountain and re-explore Owen? Or will she go to Vegas and be with Nolan and her dream job? I know which one I would pick.

Christmas With the Clouds by Suzanne Jenkins
Brian and Tracy had everything, good jobs, a beautiful home but more importantly a daughter they both loved more than life itself. Christmas was just around the corner and they were looking forward to seeing their daughters face on the day. So, what could go wrong? The answer to that is the morning Brian went to work and never came home. Tracy now being alone as she had no parents or siblings had no one to turn to. How could she have lost one of the most import people to her in the blink of an eye. So, she phoned the only person she could think of, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was one of her clients and even though Tracy didn’t know her that well, Elizabeth dropped everything and headed to Tracy. Finally, Tracy would understand where Elizabeth was coming from in their counselling sessions. Tracy would also learn there was more to Elizabeth than she thought. This one is bit of a tear jerker.

A Christmas Getaway by Jen Talty
Ryder really needed a break from work and had no choice when his supervisor told him to take some time off. Ryder’s life was turned upside down after the murder of his wife and small son. So, at the last minute he booked a cabin at the base of Killington Peak. This would have been perfect if the cabin hadn’t been doubled booked. All Ryder wanted was to drink the time away and not be around anyone else. Now on the cabin steps he could hear the laughter of a woman and her child. Neither was impressed to see the other there. Olivia ordered Ryder to leave by he refused showing her that he had booked the cabin. Will Ryder eventually pick to leave the cabin, so Olivia and Noah can enjoy their Christmas break? Or is Olivia and Noah just what Ryder needs?

Boyfriend Wanted for Christmas by Melinda De Ross
Andrea and her best friend Angie were having their usual Christmas movie binge. Angie then decided that they needed to find Andrea a boyfriend for Christmas, after all it had been two years since she last had a man in her life. To Andrea’s horror Angie joined her up on a dating site. Andrea wasn’t sure this was the right thing for her, but Angie told her what she had to lose and after all Christmas was only seven days away. Andrea thought it was going to be impossible to find a boyfriend before Christmas. But when she woke the next morning she had around thirty-seven messages from men that wanted to meet her. It took Andrea two hours to get the list down to what she thought was her best choices. She narrowed the list down to Sam her first choice, Alex her second and lastly Jack she had him as her last resort. Now all she had to do was meet them. Would she have a boyfriend for Christmas? Or would she go it alone for another year?

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